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Thank you for your interest in renting out the Blackfriars Playhouse!

Below you will find a list of questions relating to the event you would like to host at the American Shakespeare Center.  All potential rentals are subject to the ASC's production calendar. 

If you have any questions during the filling out process you can always save and come back to your progress or email for answers. 

Contact Information

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Event Information

Will you want a rehearsal or a separate time to set up for the event?
This would be anything hanging or on walls of the lobby or playhouse interior.

Food, Drink, and Staff

Per our ABC license we would have to purchase all alcoholic beverages and have our staff serve them. We would be ordering wholesale through our vendors.
Food and or snacks will not be provided by the ASC, if you would like to have them, we are more than happy to coordinate with your catering team.

Current Policies at the American Shakespeare Center

Our rental minimum time for all outside events is 1 hour and our maximum is subject to the production calendar. Do you acknowledge and understand this requirement?*
All deposits are non refundable at 25% of the total. Do you acknowledge and understand this requirement?*
The deposit payment is due one month from the event date. If the deposit is not received the reservation will be canceled. Do you acknowledge and understand this requirement?*
If we are purchasing alcohol for your event the cost of alcohol is due at time of purchase and cannot be refunded. If for some reason the event gets cancelled after the purchase has been made, you will be able to come pick up the alcohol once delivered. Do you acknowledge and understand this requirement?*